How will Brexit affect the travel industry?

Many of us are beginning to think about where we will be going for our summer holidays. For those of us keen to sit back, relax and enjoy being driven, coach trips offer the perfect opportunity to visit interesting places without the stresses and challenges of planning, booking and driving there yourself.

But with negotiations regarding the UK’s exit from Brexit still underway, many of us will wonder where that leaves us in terms of travelling to and holidaying in Europe. In fact, Brexit uncertainty has seen British holidaymakers question travelling to Europe in recent months and statistics reveal a soar in the number of people choosing instead, to holiday in the UK. Ease of access and cultural familiarity makes the UK an attractive destination for families looking to take the children away during the school holidays or for those looking for a spontaneous short weekend trip away.

Also encouraging Britons to stay on home soil is the increased cost of overseas travel. Continued Brexit uncertainty has driven the pound down against the euro making visiting continental counties a lot more expensive than it was before the Brexit vote. The cost of flight prices and the open skies agreement is another factor that could see the cost of European travel increase. The UK is currently undergoing talks with EU and US leaders regarding renegotiation deals that could impact the cost of flights for British travellers, many of whom wishing to explore Europe may now look to use coach travel as an alternative and practical means to get to their chosen destinations.

Some travellers may also be concerned about changes in European Health Insurance. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) currently allows Britons to receive free or reduced healthcare whist travelling in the EU. With Brexit changes, there are no guarantees that British people travelling to Europe will continue to benefit from having this card. Should this be the case we will likely see a rise in travel insurance costs, and many opting for alternative UK holidays.

European Union ambassadors recently announced an important step in protecting the EU’s external borders. The agreement which was reached by the Bulgarian Council presidency and European Parliament representatives for the European travel information and authorisation system (ETIAS) means that Britons wishing to travel to the continent would be charged for the pleasure. There are hopes that the scheme will reduce border delays and improve internal security however Britons would have to pay €7 to submit a travel pre-authorisation application before travelling to the Continent on holiday.

There’s no doubt that travelling to Europe will have its challenges as the UK continues with its transition to leave the European Union. Here at Rover European we provide a range of competitively priced coach holidays to a number of UK and European destinations. We will continue to make every effort to keep holidays affordable going forward as we begin planning and researching for our 2019 Holiday Brochure.

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