Why people go away at Christmas

Why people are bucking tradition and going away on holiday at Christmas time.

We all paint the perfect picture of Christmas in our minds – a big family Christmas at home with Turkey and all the trimmings, a roaring log fire and the Queen’s speech at 3pm. But why are more and more people choosing to go away at Christmas time?

There are many reasons why we are changing the way we make memories over Christmas. With people moving areas and more choice in activities, there are many reasons why spending time away from home at Christmas can still result in a magical and festive experience.

Experience different traditions

Travelling to different areas, even within the UK, can uncover a whole host of new ways to celebrate traditions. The coming together of communities, joining in family time brings about local traditions which really embrace the spirit of Christmas. ‘A change is as good as a rest’ so they say, so perhaps a trip away this Christmas is new way to energise you and your family. If you have a young family, going somewhere new is adventurous and will often keep children of all ages entertained and stimulated.

Leave the hassle of Christmas behind you

Love it or hate it, Christmas comes with an extensive to-do list and going away for Christmas can help to put that all behind you. There’s the Christmas dinner to buy for and prepare and if you’re having guests around; the house to clean and tidy. By going away at Christmas, you can experience the joys of the festive season but have someone else to organise it all for you. This allows you to sit back, rest and truly soak up the Christmas atmosphere.

Can going away be cheaper?

Booking a break away at Christmas time can actually be cheaper than staying at home. Without the outlay of a traditional Christmas with over spending on food, drink and presents, going away can prove more cost effective. It can allow you to reassess what is important to you and spend your hard-earned cash on new experiences and memories that live on for a life-time.

If you’re considering a trip away this Christmas, we have the last few seats left on our Christmas tour to Cambridge for this December. Plus we have a new Christmas break for December 2019 which features luxurious Christmas pampering in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside. For more information about our Christmas coach holidays please call 01456 8321121 or alternatively email [email protected] .

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