Stay well whilst away on holiday.

It’s been on the calendar for months, you’ve paid the balance, you’ve been to the Post Office to exchange money, you’re packed and you’re ready for a relaxing break away from reality. The last thing you want is to come down with a dreaded bug and spend much of your trip hugging the toilet bowl. Besides making you feel groggy, you’re unlikely to want to try the local cuisine, you’ll most likely miss out on any excursions and planned day trips you’ll forgo the evening entertainment as you’ll be tucked up in bed by 7pm.

In order to dodge the various holiday sickness bugs and stay well whilst away on holiday, it essential you follow these 10 top tips;

1.      Should you be traveling overseas, it might be necessary for you to be vaccinated against certain diseases. Some locations require you to have vaccinations well in advance of travel so it’s important you check ahead of time with your GP and follow any medical advice you  have been given whilst away.

2.      Boosting your immune system can help you to fight off any bacteria or viruses you pick up on your travels. Plenty of sleep, a balanced diet which includes fruit and vegetables and regular exercise whilst you’re away will ensure you’re able to fight off any germs or viruses.

3.      It’s important to get plenty of rest. It’s very tempting to pack as much as you can into your holiday and to make the most of every day, but you mustn’t overdo it. Those who are tired and run-down are much more likely to pick up holiday bugs and have difficulty shaking them off.

4.      Protect yourself in the sun, use sunscreen when applicable and use clothing to reduce the likelihood of burning. Prevent sunstroke by regularly resting in the shade and drinking plenty of fluids in order to remain hydrated.

5.      Don’t binge on alcohol. Although tempting to drink more when you’re away, and especially so when you’re on a coach trip and not required to drive, over-indulging in alcohol, coupled with strong sun, is a recipe for disaster. Alcohol not only fails to replenish your water stores, it dehydrates you so avoid getting intoxicated or you risk failing to realise that you’re experiencing dangerous symptoms of dehydration or heatstroke.

6.      Wash your hands after visiting the toilet and before meal times. Antibacterial wipes or gels can be useful when out and about and there is no soap available. Washing hand regularly will limit the spread of bacteria picked up from unclean surfaces, handrails and door handles.

7.      In countries with poor sanitation, avoid local tap water. Use bottled water wherever possible for drinking, preparing food, washing and cleaning teeth. If you can, avoid having ice in drinks and eating salads which are both likely to have been prepared using tap water.

8.      Check for recommendation before eating out. There are many websites that you can search to find food hygiene ratings and recommendations left by other diners. Don’t risk eating somewhere you’ve not checked out and falling ill. Check to see what other people have said about the food standards before heading there yourself.

9.      Invest in a good insect repellent and protect yourself from mosquitos. These irritating pests can give nasty bites that can be painful and itchy, and what’s more, they can sometimes carry a variety of diseases including yellow fever, dengue, Japanese encephalitis and malaria depending on where it is you are travelling. Research to check how likely it is you will be exposed to mosquito risks.

10.  Take plenty of medication with you including your prescription medication from the doctor. Stock up on paracetamol and anti-inflammatories as well as antihistamines, anti-diarrhoea and things to help an upset stomach.

No one likes being ill on holiday. Travelling away should be all about having fun, experiencing new things, trying different foods and making memories whilst kicking back and relaxing. Rover European who are based in Gloucestershire provide first class coach holidays to destinations all over Europe. Travelling with Rover you will explore new and exciting destinations with likeminded people without the hassle of driving there yourself.

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